Noniarogya Noni Tulsi Curcumin Drops | Pack of 3 | 30 ml each

1,950.00 1,175.00

  • noni drops include prevention of cancer, protection and healthy functioning of liver maintenance.
  • abdominal, arthritis, head lice
  • Loss of appetite, deep bruising
  • diabetes, swelling
  • regular manstrual flow, stomach ache

benefits :- stomach ulcers, bone fractures, dysentery,cuts wounds, asthma, hypertension, broken bones, hernias, sore throat, boils, cough, infection, colic, urinary tract problems, nausea etc. how to use :- take 2 to 3 drops twice day with warm water on an empty stomach for better result continue for 6 – 12 months no added sugar, no artificial flavor, 100% natural


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